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{ See You Someday } | Perth Photographer

‘ Good night my angel time to close your eyes and save these questions for another day

I think I know what you’ve been asking me, I think you know what I’ve been trying to say

I promised I would never leave you and you should always know

 Where ever you may go

No matter where you are

I never will be far away’

{ from Lullaby by Billy Joel}

A verse taken from Princess Ladybird’s Passing Parade held today.

What a Beautiful way to say ‘ see you someday’ to a beautiful little girl. So many people came together to celebrate Imogens life and remember her for the gorgeous, cheeky, bossy girl that she is and always will be. I think the image of the butterfly clinging to Kody and Fiona and not flying off once it was released will stick in my mind forever what a truly magical moment.

Fly free gorgeous girl you have inspired me and so many people, we will never forget your infectious smile and zest for life. Thankyou for being you.

 ’See you someday’ princess.

Imogens Biggest Morning Tea will be held on the 29th of May. Click the bold to go to the FB page for more info if you would like to come along and grab a yummy snack, enter the raffles for some GREAT prizes and do your bit for the fight against cancer.

Thankyou to all my wonderful clients/friends who have purchased a ladybird from Imogens Grandma, your support is greatly appreciated and Julia has raised $2000 already which is just awsome. If you haven’t seen or purchased a ladybird yet and would like to you can find them at Ladybird Ladybird ( click the bold ) they are absolutely beautiful. The ladybird became Imogen’s symbol when one was found in her Sterile room after completing stem sell rescue, truly meant to be.


26th April 2004 – 1st May 2010


Q u i c k   L i n k s
A u d i o
F a c e b o o k
A R E   Y O U   E X P E C T I N G