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{ Noah } | Perth Child Photographer

Our 3 year old Nephew Noah loves to come over our house to play, more often than not when they come for a visit he locks himself in the cubby house and refuses to go home so he ends up staying until after dinner lol. I try and get Noah in the studio each time he is here as he won’t usually stay still for long, today however he was quite happy to muck around in there so I took full advantage of it and I did promise him some of his most favorite treats that he has every time he comes to see ” Sultana Brandie ” ( love my nickname haha ) he always go to the cupboard grabs the container and says ” I Loooooooooooove Rainbows ” ! ( Fruitloops ), such a funny kid we always have a ball with him here.


angie - July 29, 2010 - 8:15 PM

amazing as always brandie! what a character :D

Penthea - July 26, 2010 - 1:43 PM

Aww I wish we could come for a visit!! Noah you are gorgeous! xp

Amber - July 26, 2010 - 12:09 AM

Lol… Been doing some nail painting I see Lexi haha

Roa Carter - July 26, 2010 - 12:06 AM

You have really captured our little fellow, great shots Brandie, love Ros

Ange - July 25, 2010 - 11:44 PM

Noah you gorgeous boy!!! Photo’s are brilliant Brandie … love them all and that hat is too cute!

Lexi - July 25, 2010 - 10:40 PM

break it down Noah…Love them!

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