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Monthly Archives: January 2014

{ Isabella } | Perth Cake Smash Photographer

Meet Isabella, ONE for her Cake Smash yesterday! Izzy was not at all impressed by her cake, she loves to get messy with her food but the cake was a little scary for her, we still managed to get some gorgeous shots of this cheeky little girl she has grown so much! Hayley and Simon…

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{ Owen } | Perth Cake Smash Photographer

Meet Owen who’s now ONE ! This little guy was the taste tester for our new cakes and even though he wasn’t too interested in the cake itself  he loved the icing! He was a tough nut to crack and was such a serious boy but even his serious face is totally adorable!   Jade,…

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{ Vienna } | Perth Cake Smash Photographer

Meet Vienna ONE, this girl knows what she wants and is full of personality! When Vienna first walked up to her cake her face light up and she exclaimed WOW! once she realized how yummy it tasted she daintily used one finger to eat until her Daddy showed her she could use both hands, she…

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{ Savannah and Harlow } | Perth Twin Newborn Photographer

Meet Harlow and Savannah 11 days new for their session yesterday and just the sweetest girls! These girls were so well behaved during their session, they didn’t fuss much at all and were such a pleasure to photograph. Nicole and Kodie, thank you for sharing your gorgeous girls with us. Enjoy your sneak peek xxx…

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{ Cohen } | Perth Newborn Photographer

Meet Cohen 6 days new for his session yesterday, he is just the sweetest thing! Cohen is such a laid back little guy, not phased by anything just like his big sister was at his age. Amanda and Adrian we are so over the moon for you guys Cohen is such a handsome boy and…

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{ Paxton } | Perth Baby Photographer

Meet Paxton 10 weeks old for his session this morning. We were hoping to be able to get a few sleepy shots of Paxton and despite being 10 weeks old already after lots of cuddles, milk and a rock in the swing he eventually lulled into a deep enough sleep and we managed to get…

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{ Jai } | Perth Cake Smash Photographer

Meet Jai almost ONE, such a cheeky boy! Jai was very reserved with his cake at first but after a little while he just couldn’t resist picking it up whole to dig in! Shanelle and Jack, thank you for sharing your gorgeous boy with us. Enjoy your sneak peek xxx Meet Jai almost ONE !

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