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    Hi and welcome to my blogsite! I am Brandie, the owner/photographer behind Dilkarra Photography. I am Mum to 4 and step Mum to 4 { yep thats 8 ! } amazing kids and wife to the most amazing woman anyone could ask for.

    I started my little business almost 9 years ago now and worked in childcare before that. I am a natural and studio light photographer specialising in newborn portraiture but I do love photographing older babies, kids, families and pregnant mummies too!

    I am so very lucky to be able to do something I love so dearly and am so passionate about, it makes my heart sing and without all of my beautiful clients it just wouldn't be possible, so to you I say THANK YOU, Thank you for sharing your sweet families with me, thank you for continuing to support me,thank you for making Dilkarra Photography what it is today .

    So sit back relax { turn your speakers up } and stay a while, look around, join the facebook page or subscribe and get totally submersed in these gorgeous little people. xxx

{ Oakleigh turns 4 } | Perth Child Ellenbrook Family Photographer

A few weeks ago we celebrated Oakleigh turning FOUR with all of her friends. This year we decided on the Movie Moana for her theme, we do a different Disney Princess each year but this is by far my favorite movie out of them all !

This is the first party where we did 99% of the Desserts and Decorations ourselves, it was a mammoth task but I made list upon list and started prepping months before. The Cake was a massive 7.1kgs and 22 inches tall and everything was edible except the Moana figures, I had the vision in my head for months and I am so excited that I was able to pull it off and have it come together exaclty how I had envisioned it. All the desserts except the donuts were made by me, we painted the Kakamora coconuts and Michelle made all of the paper flowers and Oakleigh’s costume { Tiny Dancer Costume Design } , Oakleigh’s name cut out was made by Sweetwater Smiles Cards & Gifts , The Oar was made by Karens hubby over at Dream Catchers by Kaz and Ash .

Moana ( Charlotte ) and Pirate Jim were from Encore Kids Parties. All of Encore’s performers are students from WAPPA studying Musical Theatre, Singing etc so you don’t only get a person dressed up as that character you get a performer who BECOMES that character. From the moment Charlotte and Jim knocked on the door they became Moana and Pirate Jim, they stayed in Character throughout the entire party until they were out the door and managed to keep the kids interested in whatever they were doing. Charlotte’s voice was simply stunning, listening to her sing was like watching the movie, the kids get so taken in by seeing their favorite character come to life you can just see the belief in their eyes. Oakleigh is such a social kid but each party she gets so shy and takes alot of coaxing, Charlotte always made sure she was right by her side, cuddling her, talking to her and making her feel special. As soon as she left Oakleigh was asking to call her and ask her to come back every day ! We are lucky to have had Encore help us celebrate Oakleigh’s birthday for the past 3 years and will for many more to come and we are excited to have Jersey’s first Encore party too, it is the BEST money we spend. To be able to sit back and watch the magic in the kids eyes and the performers actually enjoying what they do and to capture those memories is priceless. 

Oakleigh had an amazing day with all her friends and was so spoilt with all her gifts. A huge Thankyou to all those that helped celebrate <3

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